Five $50,000 accounts for expert traders

Five $50,000 accounts for expert traders that can fulfill the conditions listed below:

1) It doesn’t matter if your account is at Vittaverse or elsewhere!

2) It doesn’t matter whether you have a live account or a demo account.

3) You just need to have a profitable record for the past 6 months!

4) You need to have had a max drawdown of 10%

If you meet the conditions please link your account to Myfxbook. Once your account is linked send a message to vittaverse support (

We will offer a $50,000 prop account to the best 5 accounts that we recieve. 70% of all profits generated will go to the trader and 30% for Vittaverse.

Don’t forget to set the subject as ‘Golden Prop‘ and please include your first name, last name and contact information as well.