Welcome Insurance

The Vittaverse Welcome Insurance is tailored specifically for new clients making their first-time deposit. This insurance ensures that your initial trading experience is safeguarded with added protection and peace of mind.

How It Works

Protection for New Clients

With Vittaverse Welcome Insurance, we're here to protect your first steps into trading. If you liquidate your account within the initial 90 days after your first deposit, we'll compensate you with 50% of your lost funds as a tradeable credit.

Claim Period and Limitations

You have a 90-day window from the date of your first deposit to claim the insurance. Please note that you can only claim the insurance once within this 90-day period after your initial deposit.

Consideration of Net Deposit

Please note that withdrawals will affect your eligibility for compensation. We calculate compensation based on your net deposit, ensuring fairness and transparency in the process.

Compensation Details

Compensation is provided in the form of a tradable credit. This credit can be fully utilized for trading activities and is eligible for drawdown.

How to Qualify

To be eligible for the Vittaverse Welcome Insurance, new clients must make a minimum initial deposit of $300. This deposit is the first step in securing your trading journey with us.
Net deposit is calculated as follows: all deposits minus all withdrawals. This includes all withdrawals of profits.
Please note, in order to qualify for the Vittaverse Welcome Insurance, you are required to activate the insurance on your account by sending a message to out 24/7 live chat agents.
Please note, insurance claims may take 24 - 48 hours to process.

Important note

Please be aware that promotions, offers, insurances, and bonuses cannot be combined. This includes but is not limited to any ongoing discounts, special deals, insurance packages, Loyalty, or VIP accounts.
Each offer stands independently and cannot be used simultaneously with any other unless explicitly stated otherwise in the terms and conditions. Any attempt to combine promotions may result in the invalidation of one or more offers, at the discretion of the Broker.
Once you receive your insurance credit, any withdrawals will result in an equal reduction of your credit amount.
To register your participation in the Welcome Insurance, please fill out the following form carefully and submit.