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This free challenge is an exceptional opportunity to help traders at Vittaverse Broker to get initial capital for trading. This time, you can gain more than double what was offered before, up to a limit of $200,000 in real capital.

Super Challenge

You can participate in the Super Challenge at any time you wish, in addition to the Classic Vittaverse Broker challenge.
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First Stage

Increase your balance by 100%. No rules.

Second Stage

Increase your balance by 100% again. No rules.

No Rules

You have two calendar months to pass the Super Challenge. After completing these two stages, inform our 24/7 support team for your user account to be reviewed and for funds to be allocated to you.

Our main goal at Vittaverse is to create ideal conditions for all traders with different tastes, this unique challenge is designed for those interested in higher-risk trading. During the challenge, there is no need to follow rules such as daily drawdown, total drawdown, or restrictions on the number of trades on a symbol.
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After successfully completing the Super Challenge, the classic prop account of Vittaverse with a total drawdown of 10% will be at your disposal.

Don't miss this opportunity; charge your real account at Vittaverse with a minimum of $100 today and participate in this exciting challenge. Your path to financial independence starts from here.
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