cTrader is a multi-asset trading platform that allows trading currencies, stocks, and futures.

cTrader supports custom indicators, built in cTrader Automate, through the use of C#, or downloaded from the cTrader Store, which is part of a mature and engaged community of thousands of developers.

What is cTrader

All the tools needed for effective technical analysis, including trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures and line drawings, are all accessible directly from the chart. Over 70 pre-installed indicators, as well as a number of objects, including shapes and text, are available.

Charts are detachable, and act as a stand-alone, tradable desktop application, to be used across multiple screens. Each window includes all tools with a full-screen, resizable option. Inside the application, charts can be viewed, using different layout modes to fit any trading style.

ChartShots™ are a great way to share ideas, trading examples, and technical analysis strategies with other traders. Click once with the ChartShot™ tool to open the image in a unique URL with multiple sharing options, available and fully brandable by brokers.

You can embed the chart directly into your web page or blog, or post it straight to your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Quality and speed

Traders grade your service, based on execution quality and speed. Your success will depend on how fast you can fill orders, and with cTrader they are filled in a matter of milliseconds. Furthermore, cTrader supports simultaneous order processing, which means multiple orders can be filled at once, with no order queue.

cTrader’s depth of market shows the full range of executable prices, coming directly from liquidity providers. Orders are filled against the full order book, using Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP).

Pending Orders and Stop Loss can be triggered by the opposite side, the second consecutive price, and even the second consecutive opposite price, to protect against erroneous prices.

Advanced Take Profit can be used to scale out of a position at multiple levels, Stop Loss can be set to break-even, and Server Trailing Stops can be used to follow profitable positions.

Two stop-out types

cTrader offers two stop-out types. Smart Stop-Out gives the best chance of recovery in the unfortunate event that margin falls below stop-out level. The position that takes on the largest margin will be partially closed to maintain the position and the entry point.

This algorithm protects margin, positions and balance. Fair Stop-Out, on the other hand, closes the largest margin-taking position entirely, as opposed to the most unprofitable position. This method frees as much margin as possible to protect the remaining positions.

Quick Trade can be used to open, close and modify orders, using either one or two clicks from every section of the platform. This allows traders to respond quickly to fast-moving markets.