This Program is Currently Full

We are proud to announce that the Vittaverse Traders funded accounts has reached a milestone, surpassing 1,000 funded accounts through its trading challenge programs. As a result of this achievement, this program is now full until further notice. Stay tuned for updates; we look forward to giving out more funded accounts in the near future. Thank you for your continued support and interest!

Classic Challenge

Vittaverse is pleased to offer the most lucrative trading challenges available.

Prop Trading (Free Classic Challenge)

Vittaverse helps traders of various experience levels get funded with our free Classic Challenge. Whether you trade forex, crypto, commodities or anything else we have you covered. We help you get funded up to $500,000.

This challenge is held in two stages

Step 1:

In the first step you can deposit a minimum of $100 in your personal live account, you can start trading.
The terms of Step 1 are as follows:
• 30 days
• 10% profit target
• 4% daily drawdown from equity
• No total drawdown requirement
• Minimum of 20 transactions
• Transactions at each stage must be done with a fixed volume chosen by the trader

Step 2:

Now that you’ve made it past Step 1 successfully, prove to us that your trading skills have depth and longevity. After you pass this stage, you will be offered to trade officially as a Vittaverse Trader.
The terms of Step 2 are as follows:
• 30 days
• 10% profit target
• 4% daily drawdown from equity
• No total drawdown requirement
• Minimum of 20 transactions
• Transactions at each stage must be done with a fixed volume chosen by the trader
Initial Deposit
Funded Account
Scaling Plan
25% Increased Every 3 Months Up to $500,000
Profit Split
70% Trader
You need to do a minimum of 30 trades in Step 2 if you’re applying for $100,000 or $200,000 fund.

Scaling Plan

The gradual increase of each trader's account occurs in a period of 3 months. You must generate at least 6% net profit monthly for 3 consecutive months. Note that during the gradual increase, the trader’s account must be higher than the initial deposit (only the profit is counted).
After the successful completion of the Classic Challenge, you can send a message to the support team via email to review your account and get you funded.

Vittaverse Classic Challenge Tier Plan at a Glance

• Profit split begins at 70% for the trader
• Constant increases as long as the eligibility criteria continues to be met
• Scale up potential to $500,000 per trader
• Trading objectives do not change with time
Note that the amount you deposit in your user account is not the cost of entering the challenge. This is the amount that you will be trading with. Profits and losses are for you, and you can withdraw whenever you would like. If you can pass the challenge within the framework of the rules, Vittaverse will provide you with funding. You don't pay for the challenge, and you only prove your abilities in your personal live (real) account.

Challenge Rules & FAQs:

No, participation requires evaluating your trading ability in real market situations, as the challenge is free to enter.

Yes, both are allowed, but the copy trading system is not permitted.

No notification is required. Share your results with the Vittaverse support team after completion by emailing

Daily losses are calculated as a drawdown from equity. Risk management is the trader's responsibility.

The method of risk management is the responsibility of the trader, according to the rule of fixed volume and the maximum amount of 4% daily drawdown from equity.

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of accounts for simultaneous participation. However, the accounts received by one person cannot exceed $200,000 in total.

Yes, you are free to withdraw your profits only at the end of each stage.

To pass the challenge, net profit is considered, with deductions for expenses like commission and swap.

Yes, you can advance to the next stage upon reaching the challenge goals before the deadline.

No, there's no difference. Account checks require connection to MQL5 or Myfxbook.

Yes, you can participate as many times as you want using the same account.

No, there is no need to create a new account. All you need is your initial capital of at least $100 to be able to participate in the challenge again.

Connect your account in simple steps; detailed guidance is available through the Vittaverse support team.

Yes, transactions are allowed in both personal and prop accounts.

Maintain 14% total profits for three consecutive months, with drawdown not exceeding 10% of your capital. The volume of your simultaneous open transactions should not exceed a maximum of $250,000 for every $50,000 of capital.

Yes, there's no limit to participation.

You can request profit withdrawal at the end of every month by sending your request to our support team via email.

Yes, and this amount will be added to your total amount.

Account checks may take around 10 working days.

Your initial capital will be available, and you can withdraw it after completing the challenge. The funded amount will be provided in another account.

Yes, your initial deposit will be in your personal account, and you can withdraw it after completing the challenge. The initial capital will be provided to you in another account.

No, the start and end dates of the two steps cannot be the same. Note that the end date of Step 1 and the start date of the Step 2 also cannot be the same due to date overlap. However, each stage can be completed on separate days.

No, you must close all your positions at the end of Step 1 and start Step 2 without any open positions.

All trading rules and goals are calculated based on equity. If you pass the challenge, the capital granted is based on your initial balance, and bonuses and credits will not increase your funded tier.

No, the initial balance for each stage is considered as the balance at the beginning of the day. On your requested date, your profit will be considered as the profit at the end of the day.

No, checking accounts is done based on the beginning and end balance of the same stage.